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Tartu 2024 inspired collection

Franz Raver presented a bold and distinctive collection titled "Mis su muster on?" (What's Your Pattern?) inspired by the title year of Tartu 2024.

As a lifelong Tartu resident, it was an honor to create collections in the spirit of this year’s significant event, celebrating the events of Tartu 2024. In creating the collections, I let go of everything that limited me, allowing myself to be guided by intuition and passion. I aim to draw attention to Tartu with the collections, showcasing the city’s distinctive culture and heritage.

We pass on patterns as our legacy to both our loved ones and those we encounter daily. We give them fragments of ourselves, receiving pieces in return, forming patterns that bind us – our shared heritage. I hope these patterns are as positive, caring, and loving as possible,” Susanna elaborates on her creative journey.

The collection inspired by Tartu 2024, according to Susanna, is not only a tribute but also an unofficial festive attire that visitors can wear throughout the year at various cultural capital events and in their everyday activities. “In designing the garments, I focused on the wearer’s comfort and the diversity of upcoming events and people’s lives. I integrated aesthetic functionality with Tartu 2024 symbols in the collection, and I am satisfied with the result. I believe the wearers will be too,” adds Susanna.

Franz Raver loves and cherishes the environment around us and adheres to sustainable production practices. All fabrics used in the collections are OEKO-TEX 100 certified. Some are remnants from previous projects, and special fabrics featuring Tartu 2024 symbols were created for the collections. All products are made with care and love right here in Estonia.

A specially designed fabric has been created for this collection, the patterns of which were based on the elements of Tartu 2024. The product range includes various hoodies, blouses, pantsuits and dresses. The collection is aimed at women.

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