About us

Franz Raver's Story

At Franz Raver, we believe that what your company’s team members wear affects their self-esteem, and therefore their work motivation and the organization’s team spirit. Franz Raver is your company’s partner if you want to contribute to comfort, style, being in the moment, and lasting quality.

Where it all began

Franz Raver’s founder and fashion designer, Susanna Peters, has been passionate about designing clothes since childhood. She has completed a degree in resource management in the clothing and textile field at Tallinn University of Technology, and a master’s degree in fashion design at the Estonian Academy of Arts. In addition to her studies, she has won various fashion contests: Denim Dream’s fashion designer competition in 2015, Apollo’s uniform competition in 2019, and the special prize at the Antonius fashion show by Hartwall in 2022. She has also participated in several sustainability-promoting clothing design workshops

One of the most prominent events was the Global Fashion Summit, where Susanna was chosen to participate. This is the largest sustainability-promoting fashion conference in Europe (2019)


Design awards


Years of experience


Products made

Unique uniforms for company personnel

We believe that brand clothes do not have to be boring. In fact, we think that staff clothes should be anything but ordinary and impersonal. Therefore, we are dedicated to creating unique, interesting, and creative clothes for companies that want to stand out.

We work with strong brands

… who know that a lot can be changed with uniforms.

Your brand's style

Your team feels special when they have unique and cool uniforms.

By dressing your staff in suitable uniforms, you support the company’s image

Comfort and motivation

When staff feel comfortable in their uniforms, it maintains their work motivation.

Beauty and universality

We create uniforms that adorn the employee and fit every body shape.

Quality and supply chain

Our created products last. Both for you and for us, it is important who and under what conditions your uniforms have been created.


We are a supportive partner to your team with over 10 years of experience​.

Flexible cooperation

Open and flexible cooperation partner, to find solutions suitable for your team.