sTARTUp Day 2024 collection

Project description

Custom made clothes

Specially designed uniforms were created for sTARTUp Day 2024, the largest business festival in the Baltic States. The client’s wish was to get clothes that would be minimalist but, at the same time, distinctive and correspond to their brand image.

sTARTUp Day got a designer unisex hoodie, bomber style jacket and t-shirt. We also designed two dresses of different lengths for women.


sTARTUp Day 2024 event collection


Custom solution

Made in Estonia


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sTARTUp Day merch collection

The slogan of the sTARTUp Day series of events is “from zero to hero,” and this prompted us to develop a collection with a superhero theme.

In our opinion, everyone is their own superhero and has two very important tasks: the first is to face challenges, and the second, at least as important, is to take care of yourself.

Since adaptation and speed are very important in the startup world, the t-shirts became more polite than average so that you can climb under machines, code, and, if necessary, jump into a video call with investors. Bomber-style jackets could even be worn over t-shirts, and hoodies are just so nice and comfortable that you can solve any task with them.

In the collection, we used minimalist color combinations – black and dark gray, we colored the details with yellow, which is the characteristic color of their brand.

Our goal was to create clothes for them that people could wear outside of the event, and that would be recognizable, but without a big logo. According to the concept, the products have embroidered logo icons, which, when recognized, can be associated with sTARTUp Day.

The soft fabric unisex hoodie has: a comfortable hood, zippered pockets, ribbed fabric at the bottom.

The soft fabric unisex bomber style jacket has: a zipper in the front, pockets with zippers, ribbed fabric at the bottom.

Unisex t-shirts are made of soft and stretchy cotton blend fabric.

Both the bomber style jacket and the hoodie match well with the t-shirt.

A particularly cool long women’s dress with comfortable pockets, quilted fabric on the shoulders, and the dress can be worn with a belt if desired.

The front part of the long dress has a mesh fabric diagonal and long slits on the sides.

Short women’s dress with short sleeves. The dress has comfortable pockets, a belt and an embroidered sTARTUp Day logo.

The front of a short dress with diagonal netting.